Trucking Division

If you want deliveries done right, you’re in the right place.

Dedicated and otr Trucking Services

We have over 50 powered units in our fleet and deliver many different materials and serve many different customers. We are committed to a timely and customer-friendly experience. At Behnke our number one priority is the customer and how we can best meet their needs. With over 30+ years experience in the industry we know how to get the job done right.

Our Fleet

Our dedicated trucking division continues to be our largest and most active fleet. We travel all over midwest from Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, & Tennessee. We are committed to not only meeting your trucking needs but developing a true partnership that provides exceptional service with comprehensive solutions.

As a Behnke Dedicated customer, you can expect your load to be delivered with the safest, best maintained equipment and expert drivers in the industry. We proudly invest millions of dollars to make our trucks the best on the road.

We want to understand your business better. With a partner like Behnke we provide your company with logistics expertise and over 30 years of industry experience. With our value added services and a carrier like Behnke we can guarantee the capacity and all of the advantages of a private fleet without the headaches. Let us help you meet your business needs in an industry that requires flexibility and exceptional service to be competitive.


  • 100% ELD compliant
  • GPS monitored tractor-trailers
  • Well managed and up to date fleet