Behnke Dedicated Logistics evolved when its owner and current CEO, Mac R. Behnke, had a request in a local neighborhood poker game from a friend about hauling a tool and die company’s parts. This company had three different plants in three different states in the Midwest that performed different tasks on each part. Mac knew nothing about the management of a trucking operation, but felt this would be a great opportunity to start a business.

Mac started in the transportation/real estate business in 1978 working for his family’s business in Battle Creek. His background started from the ground up in these companies, sweeping big warehouses to performing mechanical needs on trucks.Behnke started hauling this customers goods in 1989 and performed so well he added another truck hauling scrap metal.

Twenty six years later Behnke Dedicated and Logistics employs over seventy five people and operates over forty trucks and over two hundred semis hauling customer’s goods all over the Midwest. Coupled with over two hundred fifty thousand square feet of distribution space, Behnke has “closed the loop” in the logistical equation for many clients.

Mac recognized the need for dedicated cartage (milk runs) for manufacturers in the late nineties. This vision went one step further in assembling custom transportation needs that lowered the clients’ costs while championing unrivaled service.

Behnke believes in a transportation model where communication becomes the engine that drives the machine. From communicating days ahead with the customer for pre-planning routes to staying in contact with the driver when the customer needs this “hot load”, Mac truly believes communication is the key!

Behnke supplies regional transportation cartage throughout the Midwest and has engaged in long haul trucking for many automotive clients when the costs are competitive. We employ dedicated team drivers that save the customer thousands of dollars by not utilizing unnecessary equipment.

We work with our clients to create smart transportation models that require business-specific input to maximize individual efficiencies. By incorporating our real estate division (Behnke Logistics) we provide our customers with cross-dock capabilities along with long term distribution needs.
Behnke has handled every unique need our customers’ request. For Example, a scrap recycler needed transportation/loading services seven days a week-twenty four hours a day. We in turn hired a combination crane operator/commercial truck driver to perform the task. By hiring one person to do a two person job, we saved the company thousands of dollars in labor costs. The list goes on and to date we have accumulated flat bed, refrigerated equipment, expediters and dump trailers to diversify our services.






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