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Behnke Dedicated is a non-union environment located on the east side of Battle Creek conveniently located close to I-94. We utilize late model equipment, primarily gliders so you don’t have to worry about that “new truck” in the shop over the road trying to “regenerate”. We have found these type of trucks are more dependable and last longer than the new late model “DEF” trucks.

Our routes are all dedicated and all start and end in Battle Creek. Most routes run Monday through Friday, but we do have some that run the weekend if you want that extra work.

It’s a great family environment at Behnke Dedicated and when you need time off for personal needs, there’s not a problem in filling your request. You’ll have no problem spending nights w/your family, because most of our routes are less than five hundred miles. Pay rates are commensurate with the industry and you are treated like a person, not the number on your truck. For more info please call or fill out the brief application and we will contact you as soon as possible.